Whoopie slings III

Well I have now made my 2 whoopie slings with a little help of a darning needle from my mum.
They were easier to make then I thought but I followed a very good video on you tube.

See here

Now all I need to do now is go out and try them, so roll on tomorrow.


Whoopie slings II

Have ordered 8 meters of 2mm SK85 from  Nautical Rope  for £1.40 a meter. Once it arrives I will have a go at making them.


Whoopie slings

Whoopie Slings, what great words!

But they are more then just great words, they are away to hold my hammock up, hurray.

Take one longish piece of 2 mm Dynamic Line SK75 Dyneema Rope and make it. For full details on how to make it see here.

Once I can get round to ordering some rope I can make a pair and set my hammock up.


Underblanket Ideas

With the snow failing its not quite hammocking weather, but there are ways round this.
An underblanket will fix this, its like a sleeping bag but it goes under your hammock and raised or lowered depending on  how warm you are.

I have got an old sleeping bag with which I am going to make myself an underblanket. The hammock I have is a  DD Frontline Hammock.   I will update my progress on making the underblanket.


Converting units tool

I needed to convert some units a long while ago and found this great little app to do it. Here. Its written by a guy called Josh Madison so kudos to him for writing it and releasing it for free :D

I used his app as an idea to write my own version for the Pocket PC, back in the days when I had an iPaq.
Mine is here, also free to download and has the source as well if your interested in that sort of thing.

Thought about updating re writing mine to work on the iPhone, but turns out you need a mac to run the SDK on :/ Any one want to give me a mac so i can do this? No i thought not.