Hammock set up is complete

Well after looking at my whoopie slings and thinking that they might be a bit to long. I decided to cut them down a little bit and use the excess I cut off to make 2 continuous loops.
These go through the channels at each end of the hammock and then loop over themselves. They then attach to the whoopie sling via a carabiner which also works as a drop line to keep the hammock and its occupant dry in case it rains.
The whoopie slings then attach to the tree hugger's via another carabiner. I am tempted to look at a marlin spike hitch for this instead but thats something to do in the future.


New google blogger app

Just got the new google blogger app for android and it's not to bad. Was more impressed with the fact I could install it from the web via the android market store and it pushed it out to my phone automatically.