First fire using flint and striker

 Was out at our camping spot with my mate. It was his birthday earlier this month and I go him a John Fenna's Dragons Breath fire starting kit. Its a small leather pouch with a steel striker, flint, char cloth and bits of birch polypore fungus. He had got the polypore burning before but had not yet made fire with it. I collected lots of tinder and small twigs ready for the fire then Mike set to work starting the fire. After a minute Mike had the dry grass smoking and then it started flame! He placed it on to the fire area and we put the small twigs round it and then some larger ones. As the below picture shows it stayed lit and Mike's enjoying it.

I have to say the food tasted even better when it was cooked on a fire we lit ourselves.


Wife's first sleep in a hammock

Took my wife and kids up to Brockwell Woods near Newcastle to go try out her new DD Frontline Hammock.

Got up to the site just as the owner was going to feed the lambs, he asked if my girls would like to and they loved it, great timing or what. Then we went and found ourselves a nice quite piece of the woods to make camp.

We got both our hammocks up and put the kids tent between us. Once we had eaten I got a fire going as my wife got the kids to bed. Then we sat down and enjoyed the fire and a nice glass (plastic cup) of red.

In the morning my wife said she had, had a great nights sleep and thought hammocks are the way to go.!

We all had a great time but not ever one as happy to leave in the morning.


First Grass Snake of the year

Out on a bit of walk with wife, kids and my mum and on the way back to the car we found a grass snake, well I think it is. 

It was sunning itself on the road. As we stopped to a take a photo or two it slithered off in to the undergrowth.

Managed to get a video of it moving off. Was impressed at how quick it moved. 

My girls were very impressed with seeing the snake, the have never seen one in the wild before.
We had my mum's boarder terrier with us who didn't even notice the snake just walked past it and carried on whilst we stopped and took the pics.