Coffee on a Honey Stove

As it is Fathers day to today I got o to have a little play in the garden today. Thought I would make a brew on my honey stove. Whilst getting the honey stove I out I found my GSI Outdoors 1 cup aluminium espresso machine which I don't think I have ever used and thought why not make an espresso.

Got the fire going in the honey stove OK apart from my 3 year old wanting to help by holding the bits of wood I was splitting with my hatchet. A quick bar of chocolate soon distracted her so I could continue splitting the wood.

Then I boiled some water for the kids warm juice.

After they had their drinks I could then got on with the main task. An Espresso!

It was very quick, I planned to film it but only managed to get the end of it as I wasn't ready for how quick it boiled.

And for those who have nothing better to do here is the clip of the final brewing

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