Underquilt Mk I (part 1 getting the bits together)

We I'm nearly ready to start making my first homemade underquilt(UQ). The UQ will be for my   Hennessy Hammock so it will be an asymmetric one with a velcro gap in it to meet up with the bottom entry on the Hennessy.

 I bought 2 meters of  Primaloft One 200g from http://www.extremtextil.de/ and 2 meters of olive green NySil and 2 meters of apple green Nysil from http://www.fabrics-n-stuff.co.uk/. This will form the main parts of my UQ. I going for a full length one and it will be rated to -1 C. 

This should be fine for most of my camps and if I want to go colder I will make another UQ rated to a lower temperature. 

I still have to source some shockcord, line locks and grosgrain.

The plans I am going to follow are from the Hammock Forums.

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